Treat Her Right

Often times, I am accused of pandering to my female readers; that I write things that appeal to the women folk simply so I’ll be well liked and fawned over. I combat these accusations by saying that I write to encourage the better overall treatment of women because I am the father of a little girl, and if my writing is a cause of women being treated better, then my own daughter will reap the benefits of that work one day.

Today I write to the men—young and not so much—and ask that we improve our treatment of the female population. Because they are the fairer sex, some of our brethren feel it is their right or privilege to accost women with viciously spouted words or swiftly swung fist. Because we are the supposed “head” of household or relationship, we sometimes feel that we are in charge and decide to flex our strength by belittling the women who put up with us. And yet, even though some of us do our best to treat them with grace and beauty, we can always improve our behavior and treatment of these lovely women.

After all, it is our responsibility as men to treat them right.

So, treat her right because you may be the man she spends her life with and once damage is done, it’s hard for her to trust again.

Treat her right because she is to be respected, just as she is to respect you.

Treat her right because she may have been abused with words or actions in her past and you can help heal all of those old wounds.

Treat her right because she’s a gift from God who is to be cherished and given thanks for.

Treat her right because once she’s lost faith in you, it’s likely it will never return.

Treat her right because you’re a man and a real man knows that a woman who is appreciated and respected is the greatest asset a driven man can have supporting him.

Treat her right because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Treat her right because she deserves it.

Treat her right because her happiness should always come before your own.

Treat her right because a man who belittles or abuses a woman is no man at all.

Treat her right because you are the protector, the guardian of her love and life.

Treat her right because you love her.

Treat her right because she loves you.

For some of you, these few challenges may simply serve as a reminder. But as men, may we hold them close to our hearts and remember that even though she may drive us mad from time to time and even though we may not always have the best intentions, she is a testament to what we are continuously blessed with.

If only for that, treat her as splendidly as is humanly possible.

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  1. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing so openly and setting a good example. I think your post are edifying for both men and women :)

  2. leeleegirl4 said:

    We should treat each other right because we are all created in the image of God.

  3. Reblogged this on parsesyeux and commented:
    This needs to go both ways. Not only with men treating their women right. Women need to treat their men right, too!

  4. Alexandra said:

    I love it.

  5. I find it both interesting and sad that you can write a whole blog full of wonderful words on how to treat women better, while simultaneously tweeting 140 characters that completely insults and tears down PK’s, claiming they are “maladjusted individuals with very little conscience.” What a harsh thing to say.

    As a PK, I am offended. As a loyal subscriber of yours, I am disappointed.

    I do give you the benefit of the doubt, Cory…I’m sure you were trying to be clever and funny. But what happened to treating her right because “she is a gift from God who is to be cherished and given thanks for” or even more simply “because she deserves it”? Are female PK’s excluded from this? Do we not deserve the respect you rave about above?

    I love your writing. I’ve been inspired, encouraged and blessed by it numerous times. You are beyond talented. You are also quite funny! I understand the desire to be clever so you can get some more retweets or an extra follower or two…but, does it really have to be by stereotyping and putting others down? Is it really worth it?

    I hope, in the future, you will use your gift of written word to continue to build people up and encourage them towards God’s best in their lives…even when just “twittering away.” In my opinion, it seems like a much better way to use your undeniable talent :)

    • Diane, I’M a PK. It was self deprecating.

      Thanks for your concern.


  6. DiBonD said:

    Do you want to make a post about ‘treat him right’?

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